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For Information on the ILCAD 2013 international press conference organised together with a round table with experts from different countries and sectors (road, rail, institutions and specialists in human factors, in education…) that took place at the UN in Geneva on 7 May 2013 (see programme using the link hereafter).
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ILCAD Partners in the world

Some figures on level crossings:

  1. Estimations: 1 million LX in the world, millions of near misses and over 6000 fatalities
  2. According to the World Health Organisation traffic accidents cost between 1 to 2% (in high income countries) of the Gross National Product according to the country.
  3. Consolidated figures in the 27 countries in the EU:
  • 123 000 level crossings in 2010 (53% of them are passive, unprotected)
  • 528 accidents in 2011 (619 in 2010)
  • 294 fatalities in 2011 (359 in 2010)
  • 273 serious injuries in 2011 (327 in 2010)
  • Fatalities at level crossings represent 30% of all rail fatalities in the EU, 1.2% of all road fatalities in the EU

Since 2009, the UIC has been coordinating the International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD) campaign running under the motto “Act safely at level crossings”. The UIC, representing the railway community worldwide, has been working with a small but growing number of road sector organizations, the European Commission and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), in order to raise awareness among road users and pedestrians of the risks at level crossings and to change their behaviour. More than 40 countries around the world were engaged in ILCAD 2012.

This campaign proceeds from an uncomfortable statistic: too many people die or are injured in accidents at level crossings. However, though the majority of these are due to misuse by motorists and pedestrians, the popular misconception is that these accidents are a railway problem. Conferences on the issue show that the only really effective way to decrease the number of accidents, short of closing all level crossings, is education, highlighting the risks and making people aware of the potential consequences if they do not follow the simple rules of the road.

As requested by the United Nations General Assembly, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations regional commissions are organizing the second Global UN Road Safety Week to raise global, regional, national and local awareness about Road Safety issues, with particular attention to pedestrians. This will take place worldwide in each UN region from 6 to 12 May 2013.

Following the enthusiasm shown by many ILCAD partners to join the Global United Nations Road Safety Week it has been decided to organise ILCAD 2013 during that particular week. Among other events taking place at UNECE in Geneva that week, the 7th May should be dedicated to ILCAD 2013. This will include a round table with representatives from rail- and road safety specialists and authorities, education-, human behaviour and enforcement specialists, UNECE member states, the EC, together with an exhibition to display ILCAD partners’ activities. ILCAD partners may organise their own events on 7th May or during the whole week in their respective country.

More and more countries around the world join our action. What about you? You can join free of charge as all activity is on a purely collaborative basis.

So join us and help the railway community to reduce this level of operational risk that we face at the interface with the road sector.

SAVE THE DATE : 7 May 2013

For more information on the past campaigns
please visit the dedicated website or contact the ILCAD Coordinator

The ILCAD 2012 video is available in 5 versions on YOUTUBE, DAILYMOTION and VIMEO in English (with 4 children), English (1 child), French, Spanish and Serbian together with posters.

3rd UIC drawing contest for children on level crossing safety: visit "kids corner" and also facebook