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Total number of LX in 2009: 666
Total number of LX in 2010: 557

Accidents in 2007: 47
Accidents in 2008: 57
Accidents in 2009: 31
Accidents in 2010: 42

Fatalities in 2007: 34
Fatalities in 2008: 27
Fatalities in 2009: 25
Fatalities in 2010: 30

Awareness measures
Common press release sent to Latvian media channels and also organize one of our “Special events” – Security lesson in the Latvian Railway Museum.

Railway security lessons is one of the activities of our PR department in cooperation with Technical inspection of Latvian Railway. We organize these lessons during the whole year in schools around the country, especially (more often) we visit schools whi

On the 9th of June 2011 special press conference for the main Latvian media channels (TV, radio, press, interenet) held on the train with special visit to most dangerous places - so called "Black points" and LX.

From time to time we also put our specially made animation movies (made by Latvian famous animation studio) on national TV channels and the most popular hokey games in Continental
Hockey league.

Posters in train stations in the whole country.

Posters and stamps to be aware on the all (or moust) LX around the country

Cooperation with most popular Auto-motive TV programme Zebra - explaining the railroad transport activities and remainding the safety questions.


  • LDZ (Latvian Railways)