1. Company : MAV Magyar Államvasutak Zrt.


  • Istvan Robert Karosi

Contact for Communications:

  • MAV Group Communication Directorate: sajto@mav.hu

Statistics MAV


  • MÁV-START Railway Passenger Transport Company Limited by Shares
  • Accident Prevention Committee of the National Police
  • Transportation Safety Bureau of Hungary
  • Chief Prosecution Office

Awareness activities:
Based on past years’ statistics on accidents and risk assessment, railway safety experts and police superiors identify highly hazardous railway crossings where colleagues of MAV, together with police officers perform campaign controls on ILCAD day (and on several occasions throughout the year). Fines are given to transgressors by police officers, whereas colleagues of railway company surprise compliant drivers with small presents.

2.Company : GYSEV

Contact :

  • Béla Dávid

Contacts at Press/Communication:

  • László RÁZÓ

GYSEV statistics

List of partners

  • Hungarian Police

Awareness measures

  • Awareness raising with brochures, leaflets, questionnaires