Company : ÖBB Infrastruktur

Contact :

  • Herbert Ofner
  • herbert.ofner@oebb.at
  • 0664/6171511

Company’s website : infrastruktur.oebb.at

Level crossings’ website : http://infrastruktur.oebb.at/de/unternehmen/sicherheit-ist-unser-thema/aufklaerung-und-kampagnen/eisenbahnkreuzungen

National campaign website : www.passaufdichauf.at

Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/unsereOEBB

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/unsereOEBB/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unsereoebb?lang=de

Contacts at Press/Communication:

Herbert Ofner / 0664/6171511 / herbert.ofner@oebb.at

Statistics 2018

ÖBB INFRA main activities in 2018 as in 2017 were reaching out to driving schools to raise awareness of driving license teachers. Some driving teachers were invited inside the cabins of locomotives to get the train drivers’ view of the tracks. Journalists were also invited. ÖBB INFRA had therefore an important coverage in many newspapers and on TV.

ÖBB VIDEO 2018 to aware young users

ÖBB VIDEO 2016: "What shall I do if my vehicle is trapped between LC barriers?": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDA-9ZKif2o

Press release: http://www.oebb.at/infrastruktur/de/5_0_fuer_Generationen/5_3_Sicherheit_ist_unser_Thema_/5_3_2_Eisenbahnkreuzungen/index.jsp

List of partners:

  • Austrian Chamber of Commerce,
    section driving schools

List of awareness measures :

Special train ride on a route with a high density of level crossings for driving teachers and journalists.
They will have the opportunity to stand next to the train driver and see things form his perspective.


Press Coverage 2018