ILCAD 2010 Act Safely at Level Crossings

International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD) on 22 June 2010 (next edition 9th June 2011)
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Despite all the measures taken to indicate the presence of level crossings and make them safe, too many road users and pedestrians are killed or injured at such crossings each year around the world. Almost all accidents at level crossings are due to road users failing to observe mandatory stop lights, signals and basic traffic safety rules. Contrary to what is generally thought, most accidents involve “regulars”, in particular those living near and/or making regular use of a level-crossing, as familiarity habit makes them less careful or more reckless, which may prove fatal.

In order to reduce these accidents, countries are making efforts to remove level crossings. This is, however, a long-term undertaking because there are still hundreds of thousands of level crossings in the world and removing them involves huge costs and relatively long study and implementation times.

This is why education of road users and pedestrians remains key and imperative to reduce level crossing accidents.

On 22 June 2010, the rail and road sector in more than 40 countries worldwide are organising together the International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD) to make people understand that these accidents could be avoided if they obey the traffic rules and are aware of the danger of risky behaviours at level crossings.

The International Level Crossing Awareness Day focuses on educational measures and the promotion of safe behaviour at and around level crossings. It is built on existing national events which will be held jointly at various locations in every participating country on 22nd June 2010 and constructed around the common message “Act safely at level crossings!”.
In addition to regular or permanent activities held throughout the year, many special communications actions have been planned across the 5 continents: flayers handed out at level crossings, in schools, driving schools, scouting clubs etc., posters will be displayed in railway stations, on trains and other central places, special messages will be broadcast on radio, television and led screens in railway stations, press conferences will be organised with national and local press.

In addition the European Commission totally financed a video clip showing a bad behaviour at a level crossing to aware the public, particularly the road users and pedestrians on the dangers at and around level crossings. This video is available in English and may be used by all ILCAD campaign partners free of charge on internet worldwide, and free of charge in Europe only on tv, cinemas, screens in train stations or aboard trains and on internet and on internet worldwide. All partners in the campaign will upload the video on their own website, sometimes only in English or with the official logo and the motto in their own language.

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