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Videos made for ILCAD campaigns:

  • ILCAD 2012 Video available in 5 versions on YOUTUBE, DAILYMOTION and VIMEO in English (with 4 children), English (1 child), French, Spanish and Serbian together with posters.
  • In 2010 to support the ILCAD campaign, the European Commission (DG MOVE) totally financed a video clip aimed at the public, particularly the road users and pedestrians in any country in Europe and all over the world. It is available free of charge to all ILCAD partners (rights have been covered by the EC until 2015 for internet use worldwide and in public areas only in EU countries). This can be adapted by any partner in her/his own language by integrating the official motto in her/his own language (upon request).

  • In 2011 thanks to Operation Lifesaver Estonia’s support a video montage has been made out of ILCAD partners’ CCTV films:

  • Video of level crossings accidents in France:
  • video of level crossing safety in Belgium (INFRABEL campaign 25.09.2013) http://www.deredactie.be/permalink/...
  • Educational video on level crossing safety in Belgium (INFRABEL)

  • Network rail CCTV films

  • Crash simulation by the Slovak railways on ILCAD day on 7 May 2013
  • ÖBB crash simulation video made for ILCAD 2013 broadcast on tv:
  • Metro Trains Melbourne, Australia 2012: 32 millions visits already on youtube, new approach to rail safety advertising by Melbourne Metro! worth a look and listen ..
  • Queenland’s rail video made for ILCAD 2012 launched the ILCAD campaign in June 2012.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43nO...
  • Australian rail safety advert:
  • Australia:
  • Video ILCAD 2012 made by CFL Luxembourg based on CCTV films showing bad behaviours
  • Video of ILCAD 2011 press conference:
  • Video of one of the 23 crash tests organised througout Poland during ILCAD 2011/

Other Videos:

  • Operation Lifesaver Estonia’s video Christmas campaign 2010 and 2011 used by different ILCAD partners OL Estonia video 2013:
  •  [1]

  • Australian video to launch the TrackSafe Foundation:
  • New Zealand Video:
  • New education video of PKP PLK for ILCAD 2012
  • Poland video made for ILCAD 2010:
  • India:
  • Network Rail UK video:
  • Argentina’s montage of CCTV films:
  • Serbian video made for ILCAD 2011:
  • Latvian Railways video:
  • Latvian Railways video:
  • Canadian video:
  • Canadian Operation lifesaver video: *
  • Transportation Safety Board of Canada
    - UK: * Train crash: A Farmworkers Story:
  • Operation Lifesaver inc. U.S.A.:

Distracted Driving PSA Serious (Females) from Operation Lifesaver on Vimeo.

Distracted Driving PSA Humorous (Males) from Operation Lifesaver on Vimeo.

Distracted Pedestrian PSA from Operation Lifesaver on Vimeo.

  • defensivedriving1 USA: -* Israel Railways video:
  • Video during Italian TV news :


[1] Act Safely At Level Crossings. You are expected home for Christmas.