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New Video for ILCAD 2015 : Take your time, don’t risk your life! also available in French and Spanish, see links hereunder

Summary of the film:

Almost all collisions at level crossings are du to users’ behavior (road users, pedestrians and cyclists) because of a non-respect of the highway code, distraction, habit, complacency, ignorance of existing risks, stress of not reaching school, work or an appointment in due time. These behaviors may lead to level crossing users’ unsafe decisions simply causing their death or heavy injuries. They also may put other persons at danger in their own vehicle or on trains (railway staff and passengers). Pedestrians crossing tracks walking underneath or climbing above barriers to save minutes, or cyclists zigzaging between two semi barriers, wait sometimes for a fist train passing but don’t pay attention to a second train coming from the opposite direction and get hit. In order to better aware pedestrians and cyclists who become offenders or who are unconscious of the high risks they may take, UIC produced a new video of one minute and posters. These posters address pedestrians and cyclists in particular but also all other users distracted by new technologies (phones, headphones, GPS..) or simply stressed by modern life. Those persons do simply not respect the highway code and take huge risks by crossing tracks when the light is on, barriers are down announcing the arrival of a train … Slogan : Take your time, don’t risk your life!

Other videos made for ILCAD campaigns:

  • ILCAD 2014 video "Saving Lives at Level Crossings" (co-produced by UIC/UNECE/BAV) There are millions of near misses and more than 6000 deaths estimated on level crossings around the world every year. But because the numbers are relatively low compared to accidents on the roads, not enough priority is given by policy makers to improving safety. The International Union of Railways, road sector organisations, European Institutions and the UN are committed to raising awareness about the risks, improving technology and changing behaviour.

  • ILCAD 2012 Video available in 5 versions on YOUTUBE, DAILYMOTION and VIMEO in English (with 4 children), English (1 child), French, Spanish and Serbian together with posters.
  • In 2010 to support the ILCAD campaign, the European Commission (DG MOVE) totally financed a video clip aimed at the public, particularly the road users and pedestrians in any country in Europe and all over the world. It is available free of charge to all ILCAD partners (rights have been covered by the EC until 2015 for internet use worldwide and in public areas only in EU countries). This can be adapted by any partner in her/his own language by integrating the official motto in her/his own language (upon request).

  • In 2011 thanks to Operation Lifesaver Estonia’s support a video montage has been made out of ILCAD partners’ CCTV films:

- Educational videos and Safety Tips for professional drivers (farmers, truck and bus drivers:

- Belgium: INFRABEL safety campaign in the Port of Antwerp: More respect for level crossings in the port of Antwerp. The Port of Antwerp includes over 1,100 km of railway tracks and 201 level crossings. That means you will meet a level crossing every few minutes.
- UK: Train crash: A Farmworkers Story: http://youtu.be/VnUklPRorsQ
- Canadian Operation lifesaver video: Farm crossing collisions can be prevented (English version).
- Canadian Operation lifesaver video: Les collisions aux passages à niveau près des fermes peuvent être évitées (version française): http://youtu.be/cmaC2VFJzHU
- Canadian Operation lifesaver video on a collision with a school bus (this was a crash test): *
- Canadian Operation lifesaver TIPS for professional drivers:

  • http://www.operationlifesaver.ca/re...
    - Operation Lifesaver inc USA, educational video for truck drivers:

  • - Operation Lifesaver inc USA, educational video for school bus drivers:

  • - Operation Lifesaver inc USA, educational video for truck drivers: Your License or Your Life

  • - Operation Lifesaver inc USA, e-learning for truck drivers:
  • http://oli.org/e-learning-survey/
  • Safety tips in the USA: how to avoid being hit by a train published by "Defensive driving" *-*

- What should not happen!
- Examples of collisions, near misses with professional vehicles, videos made with CCTV cameras or filmed by outsiders
- video of a collision with a train transporting military material and a semi trailer stuck on a level crossing in the US.

- Near miss in the UK: http://www.itv.com/news/westcountry... “The video was played to Truro Crown Court where Borman went on trial accused of dangerous driving. After considering the evidence, including testimony that the signage at the crossing was poor, the jury found him guilty of careless driving instead.”

- Near miss with a truck in the Czech Republic:

  • Video of level crossings accidents in France:

  • Network rail CCTV films

  • Crash simulation by the Slovak railways on ILCAD day on 7 May 2013
  • ÖBB crash simulation video made for ILCAD 2013 broadcast on tv:
  • Metro Trains Melbourne, Australia 2012: 32 millions visits already on youtube, new approach to rail safety advertising by Melbourne Metro! worth a look and listen ..
  • Queenland’s rail video made for ILCAD 2012 launched the ILCAD campaign in June 2012.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43nO...
  • Australian rail safety advert:
  • Australia:
  • Portugal:
  • Video ILCAD 2012 made by CFL Luxembourg based on CCTV films showing bad behaviours
  • Video of ILCAD 2011 press conference:
  • Video of one of the 23 crash tests organised througout Poland during ILCAD 2011/

Other Videos:

  • Operation Lifesaver Estonia’s video Christmas campaign 2010 and 2011 used by different ILCAD partners OL Estonia video 2013:
  •  [1]

  • Australian video to launch the TrackSafe Foundation:
  • New Zealand Video:
  • New education video of PKP PLK for ILCAD 2012
  • Poland video made for ILCAD 2010:
  • India:
  • Network Rail UK video:
  • Serbian video made for ILCAD 2011:
  • Latvian Railways video:
  • Latvian Railways video:
  • Canadian video:
  • Transportation Safety Board of Canada
  • Operation Lifesaver inc. U.S.A.:

Distracted Driving PSA Serious (Females) from Operation Lifesaver on Vimeo.

Distracted Driving PSA Humorous (Males) from Operation Lifesaver on Vimeo.

Distracted Pedestrian PSA from Operation Lifesaver on Vimeo.

  • Near miss in the Czech republic:

Pensioner Hit By Train at Level Crossing Only Loses Shoe | Man Narrowly Escape Getting Hit By Train

-* Israel Railways video:

  • Video during Italian TV news :


[1] Act Safely At Level Crossings. You are expected home for Christmas.