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Company : Lithuanian Railways

Contact :

- Andrius Janušauskas
- andrius.j litrail.lt
- 37061270195

Company’s website : www.litrail.lt

Level crossings’ website : http://www.litrail.lt/sauga-pervazose

National campaign website : /

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/user/LTGele...

Facebook : www.facebook.com/LTGelezinkeliai/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ltgelezinkeliai

Contacts at Press/Communication:

Tadas Valančius / + 370 616 91173 / t.valancius litrail.lt

For statistics:
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- Partners:

Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration, the Traffic Police, news website 15min.lt

- Awareness measures

We will start our Safety at Level Crossings week on 4th of June.
LG Director General together with the Head of Traffic Police will visit a few TV and radio morning shows in which they outline the importance of safety at level crossings and safe behaviour on railways.
At 11.40 a train will depart from Vilnius to Lentvaris (a small town close to Vilnius) with Director General, the Head of Traffic Police and media. During the 17 minute trip a press conference will be given. At Lentvaris busiest level crossing there will be distribution of phone screen wipes which carry the safety information and reflectors. Drivers and pedestrians who do not follow the safe crossing procedure will be warned or issued a penalty notice by the Traffic Police.
This year our main focus is our video clip in which people are asked to put on headphones where they hear some nice music. In the background there is a sound of approaching train. He/she will be unexpectedly shocked by the sound of the train collision with an obstacle. The reaction of the person wearing the headphones will be monitored. The main idea of the video that at level crossing listen for an approaching train not listen to music on headphones.
The video clip will be shown on TV, news websites, LG and Police website and social networks.
From 5th until 7th June: preventive action at high risk level crossings will be held where drivers and pedestrians will be informed about accidents which have occurred in the past at level crossings and correct procedures of passage.
Phone screen wipes with safety message illustrated by emojis images and reflectors will be distributed.